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Making your way to Infinity

Your mind and energy is like a library full of books. And each book tells us who we are and how to live in this universe. But who put those books there? It starts at birth. From our parents, to school, to religion, to society. Even our friends. But in order for you to live in your highest expression, you need to make space for what you actually want in that library. Making Space For Infinity is about clearing away what does not serve your highest self, and replacing it with what does!


I'm Lona


Labels seem to get most people's attention and I could be given more than a few. Polyamorous, Queer, Vegan, Witch, Tantra Teacher. I came to so many of these things through trials of my own. Trials that tested me to the max to see who I really am. Now I own these labels. I have been to the brink and back and this is who I choose to embody every day. After I discovered Witchcraft I moved deeply into it. Through this I found sex magick, and kept reading about Tantra. I was amazed at how these two were seemingly opposite, yet so similar! It reminded me of myself. Opposing things in the same body. Now I create safe spaces for people to explore themselves, and I couldn't be more blissful to be on this ride! If you would like to know more of my story check out my blog and click on the tag "my story" for all the blogs that talk about me. I love you dearly.


Praise for my workshops

Tantra workshops are a little bit of a mystery if you've never experienced one yourself. A lot of people I talk to are nervous to try. I offer some unique praise here to show you what people experience in my live group workshops and my private booked workshops.

Leave a testimonial below! 

I had no idea what to expect at Lona's Tantric Healing workshop, but I loved the experience and got so many practical tools/techniques for healing myself. I had absolutely no experience in healing or Tantra before this! By the end of the workshop, I was elated and felt like I was floating on a cloud!


Lona's skills at putting together a workshop blew me away and were beyond anything I had expected! She's very good at what she does! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to go deeper within themselves.


Thank you Lona for creating that moment last night in the Conscious Touch Workshop! My wife and I have been together for 25 years. We have 2 teenagers. Getting a moment to connect or learn a new way to connect with each other is so special. So, thank you again! Loving the community you're building!


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