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The workshops are totally unique experiences! Tantra is like Love. It cannot be explained, only experienced. Each workshop is designed to get you into the bliss of the present moment. In Tantra there are many paths to the present. So, I'm either taking away something not serving the present moment or adding something that does!


We start off by getting you in your body and out of your mind. This is done through many tactics including: breath, movement, sound, grounding, visualization, or meditation. Then we go into a light trance state. You'll still be totally in control, this state helps you stay more open to new ideas. Then we move into the core of the workshop. This could include: heart opening, Tantric energy work, embodiment, personal power, Tantric Magick, rebirth, rest, etc. We move through a series of exercises throughout the entire workshop. Each exercise is designed to bring you closer to the present moment in a new way.


Private workshops are such a beautiful experience! They are the same format as the group workshops, but you don't have to do them with strangers. We get a private room in Bremerton, WA where you get to pick the topic, the time, and the people. I can also do them over video chat. You can book for 1-4 people, and it's the same price with up to 4. You have more room to ask questions and you get my full attention. The biggest advantage, I think, is that you get to choose the topic from a full list of options! I'm even available to travel to other locations than just Bremerton, WA. And I can do more than 4 people. Prices will vary, so please just contact me for more info.

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